Monday, August 16, 2010

Survived the Weekend

Oh my goodness. I will never again go away for 4 days getting back 1 1/2 days from my child's birthday.

We got home from Soaring Eagle (broke even) on Friday around 3. Spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking, talking to Jacob, kissing Jacob, hugging Jacob, telling Jacob how much I love him and missed him....

Then Saturday I had 2 cakes baked by 10:30 (yes, AM). One in a train mold to go on top of the 9x13 cake. Then I had to decorate the train (why do I do this to myself???) I will post pictures when I get my camera back. I left it at my mom's yesterday at Jacob's birthday party.

Then I had to wrap all of his presents, and I got all the stuff ready for his birthday party at Auntie Shawn's on Wednesday. I also was, of course, taking care of Jacob and still unpacking. Plus I did a boatload of dishes, then I baked cookies for Mr. Tim who came over to let our doggies out during the day while we were gone.

Can't remember what else was in there, but at 9:00 PM I did my hair with the magenta color to cover up the light blue....long story there....The original bottle said "shocking violet" and it turned out puke-baby blue. I am NOT a pastel kind of girl. (Yes I have pictures, but again, on my camera at my mom's. She's coming Friday to watch Jacob while we go to Ann Arbor).

Then yesterday Jacob opened some presents here in the morning, then we got ready, had a bite of lunch, went to Doug's parents for presents, then to my parents' for Jacob's birthday party. Food and cake and presents. By the end of the party, I had to get a neck pillow because my head was tipping over.

So I thought I would rest today, but ended up playng with Jacob, while doing 5 loads of laundry, dogs in and out (which Jacob helps with a lot!) Not to mention the fact that I woke up at 3:30 AM and couldn't get back to sleep...until almost 5:00, and that's when Jacob woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep. I tried to nap this afternoon but just ended up resting.

Then Doug got home and I thought, oh cool, he can take Jacob out while I pay the bills and write blog posts and stuff. Um, nope. He went to go pull logs down to start getting ready to chop wood for winter. I can't imagine that with this weather lately, but he is Mr. Boy Scout. Always be prepared.

Today is beautiful though...NO humidity and just about 80. We had the windows open allll day.
Hopefully tomorrow I can get some rest before Jacob's party Wednesday!
Wish me luck!



Krista said...

wow, what a weekend!! you did so much! But I'm sure every bit was worth is seeing his smile!

Joanna said...

Crazy nut!!