Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm So Excited....and I Just Can't Hide It!!

First, I'm excited because later this week it's FINALLY supposed to cool down and lose some humidity. Thank the LORD! Maybe I'll finally be able to go outside again.

Secondly, I'm excited because we're having a GINORMOUS garage sale and are getting rid of TONS of stuff.

But MOSTLY I'm excited because through a new bloggy-MG friend, I have found la blog designer extraordinaire! (You have to say that last part with a thick French accent.)

I'm about as technological as a toothpick, but I've always wanted a nicer looking blog. Seriously, I've said it before...Just the letters "html" make me start to twitch. But I never thought I could afford it. So when I met Kay, my new MG friend (her button is on my blog "A Dance with the Dragon"), she told me her DIL designed her blog and was very reasonable. OH. MY. GOSH. The woman is genius. Can't wait til you see it!!!

Turns out that the designer is Kate from Mommy Monologues, and we've run into each other on SITS! Wait til you see it. It's AWESOME!


Crystal said...

Hey Kerri! I can't wait to see it. I need a new design too! I'm the person who sits in the drive thru for 10 minutes trying to decide though, so trying to pick a blog design is like sticking me in front of a Taco Bell menu. BLACH! We're supposed to be getting some cooler weather this week too, after a front comes through - in the 50's!!! =0 I do hope you can get outside, I so totally know what you mean. Best wishes for a beautiful week!! Thanks so much for the kind words & response earlier - I'm definitely going to check out the Magic Eraser & see if it will work - if not, I know it will work on the walls! =)

illnesshelp said...

very cool! Do you have any posts this year for Invisible Illness Week? Would love more of your writings :)