Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Letters

Dear DiSH Network,

Yesterday we cancelled our service. Why, you ask? Because you KEEP sending fliers in the mail, in MY name, showing us how much MORE we're paying by being faithful customers. Bad idea. New customers pay $25.00 less a month for the same service. We call (because you keep sending the d$#% fliers) and ask what you can do for us to keep our patronage. You say $5.00 off a month for 3 months. A grand total of fifteen smackeroos. Fifteen WHOLE dollars over 90 days.

Are you smoking crack kidding?

So we cancel. And I sign up online, in my name, my phone number, and get the new rate.


Habib "Joe" calls and confirms our order, and asks to set up an installation date. He asks is we've had DiSH network before. I say yes. He asks if it's within 3 months. I say yes (because I don't lie). He says, sorry, you don't qualify for this pricing. So I say then I don't want it. And hang up.

Now. IF you have the balls guts to call me, after my cancellation, and ask what you can do to get my business back, you better have an awful lot of time and some soft toilet paper, because I will rip you a new one. Last time I cancelled you harassed me for months..."What can we do to get you back? What can we do? How about $9.99 a month for 6 decades?" Do us both a favor: lose my number.

And you know what else? You can kiss my bare-naked lily-white arse. I'd rather crawl naked, up hill both ways through broken glass than EVER have your "service" again.

May the Fleas of a Thousand Camels Infest Your Armpits,
An UNsatisfied, Highly Pissed Off EX-Customer

President Obama,

Yesterday on the way to my mother's with my four year old son who likes to use the potty every 10 minutes, we were stopped due to "road work." We were sitting still, not moving an inch for 7 minutes. SEVEN. With a four year old that likes to pee every 10 minutes, that's like 6 hours.

When we FINALLY start moving, we go past a construction "worker" holding a "slow" sign (how appropriate) chewing gum with his mouth wide open like a cow chewing cud. As we continue down the road, passing orange cones every 10 yards in the middle of the road, we see NO construction. ZERO roadwork. Nothing torn up, not on the main road, not on the side roads, NADA.

After about a mile, we pass another construction "worker" holding a "slow" sign. Mmm-hmm.
He's eating trail mix or m&m's or something. Nice. Still no "work" going on. Still passing orange cones, road work signs, and "Be Prepared To Stop" signs.

After 4-5 miles (which is a long flippin' time to have traffic stopped) we leave the "construction" zone. Not even a pebble had been disturbed. So was this like, "practice" construction worker training? Oh, I know...this is your stimulus money hard at work! Yup. Getting about as much done to benefit this country as YOU have done so far. It sure LOOKS like there's a lot going on, but all that's happening is money is getting wasted and people are getting pissed off. Pretty much sums up your days in office.

Stimulate THIS,
Someone Who Didn't Vote for You, Never Will, and Who is Trying to Figure Out the Best Place to Put her "Impeach Obama" Stickers.

In GOD we Trust.


Dreaming again said...

Construction here is a nightmare.
We have Dish ... no problems, but we have the lowest package available, which means we have local channels, food network, Hallmark and a bunch of junk.

though, we watch enough food network to make it worth the money. (I think we're paying $25/ month)

ARGH was going to link with my name, but can't get it to work.
Ironically, they never bug us like they do our friends with big packages.

Once a month they give preview channels (which are bait and switches ...order this channel! Oh to do that, you must add a larger package!)

But, for a month at time, a few months here and there we get another channel like Bravo, Lifetime Movie Network, WE (which is good we don't have that channel, I get nothing done when we have WE) When we had lifetime my husband made fun of me for having the 'chick flick' channel, then he wound up watching it non stop. Uh huh!

(this is Peggikaye from FB, I'm putting a link to my new blog that is chronological story of my journey with myasthenia and lupus)

Dreaming again said...

Ack, link for new blog didn't post

Anonymous said...

Cable companies are the devil. We pay out the butt and the only redeeming quality is that we get the Orioles EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now if you were an Orioles fan you would realize that until recently that meant we were watching them LOSE every day (almost). So much for redeeming quality :)

Joanna said...

Had dish and don't ever want them again. But our cable company does the same thing to us - sends us fliers telling how much money we could save but won't give us a break.

Jenxr77 said...

Hey Kerri,

If they have Comcast out there we have had wonderful luck with their triple play. We started with 2 years of digital cable, digital phone, and internet for a low rate and when we got our HD TV and our rate had gone up to the standard rate I asked if we could get the discount for the HD Triple Play. They said absolutely and we now pay 15/month less for the better triple play with 2 movie channels and upgraded internet speed with a 2 year agreement...awesome! Plus, anytime I call with a question on my bill or a problem with service (which is rare) they are always polite and helpful on the phone.
Good Luck,

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I hated the cable company in Toronto. They were always doing the same thing to me. Here I live too far in the jungle to get cable so we are contemplating satellite. I dread the hassles with them.

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy