Saturday, August 21, 2010

Odds and Ends

Sorry it's been a while. Things have been kind of crazy here, and then yesterday we went to Ann Arbor for plasmapheresis. Had an extra poke that wasn't too pleasant...wen the honkin' needles don't get into EXACTLY the right spot, when the fluid starts going in it hurts like you know what.

We're having a ginormous garage sale on Labor Day weekend, so we've been busy doing that. My eyes have been giving me fits for days again.

Getting Jacob's old clothes ready for garage sale or donation always takes me down memory lane, and I usually get a bit misty-eyed. Today was no exception. Today was actually a bit worse...maybe because I'm already not feeling great from Ann Arbor yesterday. Every shirt, every outfit evokes strong memories. And knowing I'll never have more babies to make more of those memories makes my heart ache in a way I never thought possible.

Then I found a bunch of notebooks from when I was in the hospital, and when I couldn't talk at all (I was trached November 1, 2000 and didn't speak until late February 2001). Reading some of that stuff made me more it's kind of a melancholy day here. {Big sigh}.

Well, life goes on, whether I want it to or not.

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Crystal said...

Hope things look up for you soon =) I'm sure reading that journal WAS emotional. I simply have ones from before I became a Christian & they are quite intense. I think planning for a garage sale takes a lot out of you, even with normal health! So for people struggling daily it is a lot harder. We need to have one but right now I just don't have the energy to even *think* about it. Sounds like a good one though - ginormous - those are the kind I like =) Feel better!!