Friday, January 14, 2011

Book Review: Blind Sight by James H. Pence

I had the privilege of reviewing the book "Blind Sight" by James H. Pence for Kathy Carlton Willis Communications. Blind Sight is an amazing story of redemption and repaired relationships.

Thomas Kent just wants to die. His wife and children are gone, and he is surviving with guilt and shame. Then he receives a bizarre phone call from a man he barely remembers from his college days named Peter Bishop. "Remember the my children!"

That message leads to an airport to pick up two children, twins, one of whom is blind. Micah and Michelle are the children of Peter and Justine Bishop, formerly of The Fellowship, a brainwashing cult seeking power and control of the country.
The last thing Thomas wants to do is get involved with children. After all, it hasn't been that long since his own children were killed. He just doesn't have it in him...or so he thinks. After driving to the airport and seeing the children, he tells them he's sorry, but he just can't help them.

Then, he sees an attempt on their lives and can't help but step in. What follows is a whirlwind of escape attempts as they are targeted by The Fellowship. They know that the children will lead them to Justine Bishop, the only woman in the country who could bring The Fellowship down.

This book is amazing. It's well-written, has a fast pace without being confusing, and has a beautiful story of redemption between God and man, as well as repairing human relationships. Blind Sight moved me.

Although it is fiction, this book saved a man's relationship with God in real life. Terry Caffey, his wife and two sons were brutally shot while they slept in their Texas home. The house was then burned to the ground, its inhabitants presumed dead. Somehow, Terry survived. After the house had been demolished, he went back to the site and found a page of the book Blind Sight flattened up against a tree stump. It was burned around the edges. And the specific text on that page enabled Terry Caffey to move on with his life, and start speaking about his experience.

I highly recommend this book.

About the Author: James H. Pence is not only an author, but a speaker, chalk artist, singer, and editor. He does programs at churches and other civic venues on a regular basis. Mr. Pence also teaches workshops on writing, and speaks to general audiences and churches about forgiveness, and living with hope after a terrible tragedy. He has a Bachelor's Degree in theology from Dallas Bible College, and a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

This book was given to me for review by Kathy Carlton Willis Communications.


Young Wife said...

Sounds like a great read!

Renee Ann said...

I'm always up for a great book. Thanks for the recommendation!

Kathy Carlton Willis Communications said...

Kerri, thank you so much for writing up such a detailed review. I'm glad you enjoyed "Blind Sight" (I knew you would!). You gave some great summary points and your thesis statement was perfect. I can't wait until you write some other reviews for us as well! You did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the book without giving away the ending. ~Kathy

Patty Ann said...

Oh Kerri, this one sounds amazing. I love the story line in this. Thank you so much for the recommendation!