Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cool Gadgets

Had another visit from the O.T. today. Man, they have some cool gadgets! I got a new "reacher" with a better grip, and you can adjust the tension by how hard you squeeze the handle.

He also gave me a sponge on a stick to wash my feet in the shower....a grab bar to put on the wall BY the shower (it's even white so it matches!), a really long shoe horn...but the BEST thing I got was a sock-assist.

You put your sock on the blue thing, then put your foot in, and pull on the ropes to pull your sock on!

I suppose everyone else knew about these cool things, but I feel like it was Christmas again! This is SO easy to do! I was so excited. I had to ask Jacob help me get my socks on the other day and he did NOT like it. I didn't either, he's 4 for crying out loud.

He's such a big helper though! Today he pushed the laundry basket to the washer, loaded it, and then moved the clothes from the washer to dryer. (Frontload washers). He earned himself a new little John Deere excavator-digger-tractor- thingy. He's amazing. What a blessing.

Yesterday my house was descended upon by my sister, my niece, my friend Linda, and my niece's little baby girl. It was a bit insane and overwhelming, but they worked so hard! Jessie (my niece) took down our Christmas tree and all the Christmas decorations, Lori was cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, Linda brought THREE meals, vacuumed, helped clean, helped wash goodness. It was a whirlwind, but what a blessing. Thank you ladies!!!

I'm feeling was a busy morning so I'm pretty much pooped out, but I was amazed at what I did accomplish this morning with my little Jacob's help. Thank you Lord for loved ones.


Young Wife said...

Those gadgets sound great! Someday I'll bet your daughter-in-law is going to be so happy Jacob helped you with laundry. I am so glad that your family and friends came over and helped you.

Patty Ann said...

I have seen those and you are right. They are completly amazing! It is so wonderful to be able to take care of yourself! So glad you are feeling better and so glad you got some wonderful help in to make you feel better about your surroundings. Nothing squashes us quite like chores tha you can't do calling your name.

Rachel said...

It's great you have a "little helper" at home. My youngest niece is a great helper, she loves to vacuum, dust, help bake and cook. The gadgets are great, a good reacher is a godsend. I need to find a strong one, the one I had was rather flimsy, using very long kitchen tongs for now!!
Glad you're starting to feel better.

Renee Ann said...

I think it's great that Jacob's learning to help, and I love your gadgets. They are way cool! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I pretty much hate putting on socks, just saying. I also hate laundry. So I mean, I'm obviously not a fan of socks.