Saturday, November 5, 2011

Prayers and Thanks

Again, please do not comment on facebook.

My dad is having severe abdominal pain, and at this time they don't know what it is.  He just stood up and it started.  He had bad pain all night, and my mom is pretty frazzled.  They need extra prayers for encouragement and for wisdom for the doctors to know what the pain is and how to fix it.  He has been doing so well... this is a little nerve-wracking.  But I'm trying not to worry.  It's hard. But God is in charge.  So I need to just chill.

Here are my five thankful things!
1. The sky is so blue and beautiful today!
2. I had an AMAZING jewelry sales day today! Praise the LORD!
3. Doug, Jacob and I are all well on our way to being better.]
4. I am thankful for the GAPS program in Allegan that allows a wonderful volunteer to come and clean my house for a couple hours every other week, AND play with my son.  Mindy, you ROCK, and Jacob adores you too!
5. I'm actually working on my book!!!

Keep the faith.

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