Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Yah.  I'm WAAAAY behind on my 5 thankful things a day, so I need to list a BUNCH today.  Like 35.  SO. 
I am thankful for:

1. rainbows 2. butterflies 3. my new verizon data card thingy 4. Christmas 5. my mom and dad 6. my pillows, 7. FANS (like the kind that blow air) 8. friends who make me laugh 9. jewelry 10. missionaries 11. people who genuinely care for others and show it 12. medicine 13. doctors (some) 14. duct tape 15. my printer/copier (I love making copies!) 16. office supplies in general (I'm a junkie) 17. my trach (because I can breathe) 18. that I'm going to North Carolina to see my sistah from another mistah in March 19. that my husband is supportive of 90% of the things I do (well, he's not TOTALLY perfect!!  All the important stuff). 20. that even though my craft show bombed, my hubby was there to support me and make all the cool velvet covered boards for display 21. my adorable child who has infinite patience (at times) with his sick Mommy 22. almond roca 23. mousetraps 24. turkeys and chickens because they make great blog fodder AND eat lots of bugs 25. That even though my daddy is sick we are still going to bring Thanksgiving to them tomorrow 26. friends and family who are helping with Jacob while I have to get pheresis while my dad is still recovering (thanks Lori and Lynelle!!!) 27. Others who have volunteered to help 28. Leah Guis's banket.  OH MY GOODNESS. 29. Friends who share things they can't use anymore 30. that I'm FINALLY getting a really good start on my book 31. chocolate 32. people who donate plasma and blood so that I can keep getting the treatments that keep me alive 33. all the new MG friends I've made on facebook the last couple of months 34. babies in general 35. being able to blog

So I'm caught up through today.  Whew!  I really am thankful for everything, but I want to try to be specific and list 5 different things a day.  What are YOU thankful for today???  Doesn't have to be five...just one.


Pam said...

wonderful list Keri! I am thankful for you!
Blessings & love

Rachel said...

So many great things to be thankful for! But I can't help but be jealous of #18...Sure, go visit your sistah from another mistah before me! NJ usually isn't first on most peoples bucket lists (LOVE YA!)

Patty Ann said...

Love, love, love your list!!!