Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ten Things I've Done

...As the Mom of a BOY.  I'm totally stealing this from Jammie Girl, but I'm giving her credit, so hopefully she won't mind.

1.  Tried to explain why I can't go potty outside, standing up, like he and Daddy do.

2.  Had to explain that the two MATING frogs that he had caught and thrust in my face (in his "bug cage" thank God) were giving each other piggyback rides.

3.  Had countless sword fights.

4.  Fought off every imaginable invisible "wild" EVERYTHING....wart hogs, boars, Hogzilla, alligators, crocs, wildebeasts, buffalo (Jacob's favorite channel is National Geographic Wild.  Nice.)

5.  Had to leave the room because the show my 5 year old is watching is too graphic for me (nature in all it's glory and realism...cheetahs taking down impala, etc)

6.  Understood what it is to love with more of your heart than you've ever loved before.

7.  Gained a deeper understanding of God's love, and unimaginable sacrifice of giving up His only Son.  I couldn't do it.

8.  Celebrated Abraham's faith in being able to put his son on an altar, KNOWING without a doubt, even when his hand was raised with the potential lethal strike, that God would provide a different sacrifice.  Couldn't have done that either.

9.  Done laundry that smelled worse than any smell I've ever smelled, stood up on it's own, and left permanent scars on my psyche.

10.  Thanked God every day for the miracle that is my perfectly perfect-to-me, brazen, bold, loving, gorgeous, crazy brilliance that is my son.


The Jammie Girl said...

Great job! They're stinky and unpredictable, but no one can clutch a mama's heart tighter :)

Patty Ann said...

Love it Kerri!! What a great description of boys. They really do hold us in the palm of their little hands!!