Friday, November 25, 2011

Well, I Did It!!!

Without losing what was left of my mind, I have successfully gotten 55,806 words of my book in a document (backed up on a separate memory thingamajiggy of course!).  I did it!  I did NaNoWriMo.  That's INSANE!!
Now granted, a lot of stuff I already had written on my blog and other documents, and it's certainly not ready for print...(I have a LOT more to say!)  But in "book format" on the Word document it's like 192 pages!  Oh. My. Freaking. Word!!  There's some photos and some columns of stuff, but even it you take away all that it would still be like 175 pages.  It's like I just flippin' wrote 175 page book! 

It's SO not done though.  Lots more to do, and the editing will be tedious and horrifying.  But I have made a HUGE step forward in completely this challenge.

And I even went shopping today on Black Friday.  Yes, I AM out of my mind, thank you.

My dad is doing okay.  Still in a ton of pain.  So sad.  BUT....he is CANCER FREE.  Halleleujah.

My office is trashed.  I mean TRASHED.  I have half filled jewelry orders and beads to put away and now it's also become the unwrapped Christmas present depot.  Ug.  OH well.

But for tonight, I am satisfied.  I am exhausted.  I am symptomatic (MG). My brain is mush.  But I. Am. Satisfied.

AND tomorrow I get to go out for lunch with my dear, awesome, gorgeous, hilarious friend Joanna!! Woot Woot!!!

So I bid you all good night.  I am going to bed.


The Jammie Girl said...

Congratulations! I am so proud of you!

Rachel said...

There wasn't s doubt in my mind, I knew you could do it!!!

Patty Ann said...

Congratulations!! You deserve big hugs for that one!!