Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Every Day

Gonna keep it short today.  I signed up for NaNoWriMo, and am very serious about it.  So I'm doing that (and I'm kicking butt on word count, I'm at 9504!!! The goal for day 3 is 5001.)  But, I've always been an overachiever.

Anyway, I'm doing that, telling people I'm still sicker than a dog (well, I can see SLIGHT improvement), Doug is now sick, but I'm still listing 5 things I'm thankful for every day this month.

1.  I am thankful that God made the sky blue and trees green and rainbows and flowers and all the beautiful colors they are.  He could have made everything in shades of gray, or yellow, or brown, we never would have known the difference.  Yet the beauty of this world is SO captivating to me.

2.  I am thankful that my Dad is doing well, and that his surgery went well, and that he is up and moving.
3.  I am thankful for pizza.  Seriously.  Whoever made the first pizza:  I love you.
4.  I am thankful for my house.  I complain about being out in the middle of nowhere, but in my mind, there is no better place for a boy to grow up.  He runs around with his dog, he catches frogs and butterflies and plays outside every possible second he can.  He doesn't play video games or moan about how bored he is, he's out and about and that's because of where we live.
5.  I am thankful for every U.S. soldier, past, present and future.  I thank you for sacrificing your time with your family.  I thank you for being willing to put your very life on the line for ME and MY family.  I am thankful for the families of the soldiers, past, present and future.  Thank you for your sacrifice of having that loved one safe at home with you.  And for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, "thanks" is the least I can give.  We ARE the land of the free, but only because we are also the home of the BRAVE.


The Jammie Girl said...

You rock! I am so far behind on my word count it's embarrassing. My excuse is that I spent 3 hours yesterday with a disability doc and another hour on the phone about disability issues. sigh.

Rachel said...

I am totally impressed, I will soon be able to claim a novelist for a friend!

Kerri said...

Angie, a lot of mine is coming from my blog, because that IS my life story, so right now I'm ahead. But when I have to start typing more and more and'll probably fly right by me!

Rachel... THANKS! I sure hope you can say that some day soon!!