Monday, March 19, 2012

Correction On "Help Us Find A Cure"

Okay, not sure what I was thinking, but I'm blaming it on the MG "brain fog."  (It really does exist, there's scientific proof).  However, I was not an economics major in college, and I don't do well at math, especially when I'm tired or stressed, or have too much on my mind, which is pretty much all the time.

Anywho.  I was thinking about the figures on the donations and stuff.  If I get people to donate money, 100% of the money made from the bracelets at the walks will go to the MGFA.  So, if I get $7.00 in donations, and the bracelets and key fobs sell for $15.00 at the walks, $15.00 will go to the MGFA.  

I am tickled to report that I have already gotten $47.00 for materials and shipping for the bracelets and key fobs for the walks.  That means (we'll round up...I CAN do that) 7 items for the walks, and $105.00 for the MGFA!

YAY!!!  And, I already had one request from a woman in Kentucky, so she's getting 7 items! Thanks to YOU!!!!

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