Saturday, March 17, 2012


As time goes on, more and more of my MG friends are getting sicker and sicker. As most of you know I started a jewelry business to help raise awareness as well as to donate money for research. WE NEED A CURE. People I love are sick with infections that they wouldn't have if they didn't have MG.

SO. I am doing something I haven't done before. I am asking for donations to help me send MG Awareness bracelets and Key fobs to the MG Walks that are starting to take place all over the country. ANY amount you can donate would be amazing. One dollar would have. If all 300 people gave one dollar, I could send 43 bracelets or key fobs out. And the MGFA would have $344.00 to go toward a cure.

I wish I could financially just send out a bunch of them for free. Unfortunately I can't. So I'm doing them at cost, and to cover shipping charges, and $8.00 from each bracelet or key fob sold goes to the MGFA for research for a cure. Just 125 bracelets or key fobs would be $1000.00 to the MGFA.  I would like many more of course, but that would be AMAZING!

Many people are walking in the MG Walks as well, and you can support THEM by pledging to their specific walk. For more information on the MG Walks, please go to or call 1-855-MGWalks.

If you are interested in donating ANY amount to help me send bracelets and key fobs to these walks, please email me at

We have to find a cure. Thanks.

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