Sunday, March 4, 2012

Date Night

Guest post of the week by Bradley Guthrie

Friday night is date night at our house. We put the kids to bed by eight and my husband and I pick out a movie from our direct tv options and sit and watch it uninterrupted. Without the kids coming in and out we get an opportunity to watch something that we not only can enjoy but also may not be something suitable for them. The kids know that they are not to come into the den once we start our show. If they need us (and it’s pretty rare that happens) they can call for us from upstairs. Most of the time it’s a request for a glass of water or someone needs to be tucked in again. Sometimes we can’t find a movie that both of us want to see, but we try to take turns choosing when that happens. We are each often surprised when we actually enjoy something the other one has chosen! I guess we shouldn’t be, though. As long as we’ve been able to stay together, we must like more similar things than we realize! 
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