Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quick Update on Me.

Hey everyone!

I am thrilled to say that surgery went as well as it possibly could have.  I didn't have any trouble coming out of the anesthesia, they didn't need to figure out a breathing tube while they were working on my only airway while I was "under" (something they had been a bit concerned about; what if they took out the trach and didn't have a viable airway while they worked?  Since my vocal cords are scarred shut, they couldn't intubate me from above.... I just prayed a lot and figured, oh well, I'll be sleeping, so it's not like I'll KNOW if they have a problem!)  No excess bleeding....

The only bummers were 1. the doc used silver nitrate instead of cauterizing....I didn't ask why, I just wonder if maybe the cauterization would somehow have caused more inflammation, thus increasing the likelihood of granulation tissue sooner rather than later, and 2. I had to stay in short stay (outpatient) for FOUR hours AFTER an hour and a half in the recovery room, because of my sleep apnea.  And I didn't even get to be on the side with "my" nurses (the ones I have for pheresis).

My surgery was Thursday, Friday I was still a complete mess (like weak-tired-in pain-run-over-by-a-bus-kind of mess).  Slept til 10:45, then laid down again for a few hours in the afternoon.  Yesterday was pretty decent, and today, other than the scalding, blistering, raw-hamburger-ishness of my stoma from the silver nitrate, I'm doing pretty good!  Considering all the crap I have wrong with me (MG in particular) I think I'm doing pretty darn good!

Have a dentist appointment Tuesday and pheresis Wednesday and Friday, then I think I'm actually done til vacation.  I've had more appointments, tests and procedures this calendar year...something like 28 or 30 all told.  Geez.  Kind of hard to have a life, raise a child, homeschool said child, run a business, be a wife and homemaker when you're always getting poked, stabbed, or prodded by something or someone!

So, that's this week for me. How about you?  Anything fun planned?

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