Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hi everyone,

I have a friend named Karen in California who has MG quite severely.  She has been in the hospital on and off for weeks now trying to get treatments, but first her port came unattached, then they had to do surgery to reattach it. That incision got infected with both staph and pseudomonas something-or-other that is more dangerous for myasthenics than even staph (MRSA).  So she's been dealing with unbearably painful cleansing of that open wound, packing it, cleaning it, over and over.  She's finally gaining ground on the infection, but she didn't have access for her treatments.  So they put a PICC line in her right bicep.

She developed a blood clot.  They had to take the PICC line out.  They can't put it in her left arm because she has a pacemaker and the leads are such that they couldn't safely weave a PICC line through all the wires.

Last night they tried 3 times to get a Hahn catheter into her jugular. (Yes, in her neck...I had that when I was first in the hospital).  They were unsuccessful.

Through all of this, Karen has maintained an unbelievable strength.  She is STILL sending out cards of encouragement and care packages to other people from her stinkin' hospital bed! I sit here weeping for her...I am asking you to pray for her.  She has to go through trying to get a line again this morning so she can get treatment for the MG.  This woman has endured far more than anyone else I know.  I struggle to put into words how I feel, because I have been there, and I know what it feels like to wonder why God isn't intervening in the way I think He should be.

Karen is depending on God to get her through this....and she recognizes that God is watching over her and giving her the strength.  She also has 2 children, ages 10 and 4 that need your prayers.  Her husband as well.  They are, I'm sure, scared, tired, overwhelmed....Please send this to anyone you know who will pray for her and her family. Put her on your church prayer chains.  Please.

I love this woman like a sister, and it is absolutely breaking my heart to see her go through so much, especially because I truly know what she's dealing with.

Thank you.

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Karen Mortensen said...

You got it. Can you send me an email to tell me where she is? I live in CA too. If she is close I could go visit or help out with the kids or something. All the best to your friend.