Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chronic Pain And Life

You know, I feel like all I've done is whine lately.  I'm trying.  I really, really am trying.  I'm also trying to get some help for fibromyalgia.  I never realized how many symptoms it has!  Some of the things I was attributing to my MG are actually/also fibro symptoms.  I've tried the two "biggie's" when it comes to fibro: Cymbalta (makes me throw up) and Lyrica (makes me so dizzy I can't walk).

So now I'm on Neurontin.  And Norco for acute pain, which is basically Vicodin.  Like taking 2 Vicodin.  So we'll add that to the menagerie of medications I already take.  And hope it works.

Those of you with severe chronic pain, like sciatica, or nerve pain, or RA, hats off to you....I can't do it.  I can handle a lot of things...the MG, the trach and all the complications thereof, not getting enough sleep, even my ribs popping out (which is excruciating!).  But this constant, chronic, grinding, get-in-the-way-of-my-life, all-consuming pain...Can't do it.  I've been to pain management "specialists" and they put me on an anti-seizure medication.  Didn't do anything but give me spots in the sun.

Just another thing to go along with chronic illness. Doctor after doctor after doctor.  Ug.  And if one of them suggests PT again I'm going to just take 'em out at the knees.

But anywho. On a GOOD note...It FINALLY rained!  I've never been so excited to see gray skies in my life!  It's super  humid, but whatever.

I also had lunch at Doug's work today. He watched Jacob this morning when I went to my GP for pain meds (see above), then I ran to get prescriptions.  Then I got back to Doug's work and one of the guys told me Doug should take me out for lunch. 

He had a bunch of stuff in the freezer from an open house a couple of months ago, so we all ate together, me and all the guys, and Jacob watched out the window for bald eagles. (No, there aren't any there, but he swears he saw one.)  It was AWESOME to get out and have a little bit of socialization, and joke around with the guys.  I mean, they're practically family.  It was fun.  Had a smile on my face today for the first time in along time!

Thanks, guys.


Eva Gallant said...

Glad you enjoyed your lunch and felt like smiling. My daughter-in-law has fibromyalgia and struggles with it, too.

I just stopped by from SITS to say Hello; hope you find time to do the same.

The Jammie Girl said...

I'm so sorry you're dealing with pain on top of all the other MG stuff - that stinks! I've been on Norco for years now, and still can only take one at a time and still remain upright. And I didn't find neurontin helpful even at high doses. I wish I had some good tips for you on dealing with chronic pain, but I'm still looking for those answers myself. When I find them, you'll be the first to know, I promise!!