Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Power In Prayer

Once again I am in awe of how, at times, God moves so quickly when I pray, and ask others to do the same. 

We have the blessing of Love INC coming in August to help scrape and paint our house.  We live in a pre-1900's farmhouse, and it has its original wood siding.  We try to paint every year, but with my health, it's just not possible.  I cannot help Doug very much, and we don't have any family nearby.  So I was so thankful, and so blessed when I got an email saying that Love INC's Skills Ministry would be doing this.  Thank you Lord!

I always worry about Doug trying to do too much.  He always DOES do too much anyway, but between the animals, Jacob, and my health, not to mention a full time job where he's the boss... there's not a lot of time for other things.

So Doug and I were both so thankful and happy that this was going to be done.  But Doug needed to replace a few boards.  So he did, and then he found dry rot underneath.  I'm not sure what that is, but I know it's bad, and I know it needs to be replaced.

Well, I asked my facebook friends to please pray that SOMEHOW the finances would come in so we could take care of this.  We prayed.  I've been working my fingers numb trying to make jewelry to put on my site to sell to go towards the at least $3000.00 we will need to do this.

And then I get an email from one of my fellow MG'ers whom I had the pleasure of FINALLY meeting in June.  She asked if she could set up a page for me and my family on Give Forward's website.  I was like, you would do that for ME?  She is amazing. SHE has MG, she has 2 children, a husband, a home to care for, and she is a very strong advocate for people with MG everywhere.  She's amazing, and she did this for me.  I am humbled, grateful, and so thankful that God hears and answers prayer.  You can check out her wonderful page for me at Give Forward's website

God is good, all the time, even when things are tough.

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