Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Rest Of The Story

I realized I never finished my new computer saga... You can read the first part here if you missed it. 

So I finally get my computer home, set up, working, and get ready to go online. {Sigh of happiness}.  I put my USB thingy in (I'm sure it has a technical name, but it goes into a USB port, it's an internet connection, and that's about all I know), load the disc in my super-cool-on-the-side-of-my-monitor/computer-disc reader, and install the VZAccess Manager.  Goes off without a hitch.

Then, I go to sign on to the internet.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  So I call Verizon, and TRY to remain calm, because they have no idea what I've been through already.  I push the button for technical support.  Not customer service, not sales, tech support. And so when the woman answers (after being on hold for 5 minutes) I ASSUME she is in tech support, and we start troubleshooting the problem.  After talking with her on the phone for TEN minutes, she says, "Okay, I'm going to send you over to tech support."

I'm FUMING.  I HATE it when people do that.  They give customer service a chart to go through before you really get to tech support.  What, am I , an idiot? Well, in this case, yes! That's why I need tech support not customer service!

So the woman puts me on hold, and I wait for tech support.  She goes to connect me, and I get DIS-connected.  My blood pressure has NOT fared well these last few weeks.

So I call back.  This time I get right through to tech support because I "calmly" explain that I was disconnected.  So I get Mr. Rogers on the other end.  I'm like, I need tech help, not a lesson in shoe-tying.  So we go through the whole story again, and he finally tells me that the version I have isn't going to work, and I need a new disc.

Of COURSE, this is the 4th of July, but he says he will send it 2-day priority, so I'm thinking I'll get it Saturday at the latest.  Doug said it would be Monday before I get it.  UNreal.  I once again haul old Old Faithful Laptop.  {sigh}

So on Monday, sure enough, the disc comes in the mail.  I go to my computer, install the disc, go online....NOTHING.

Yes, I am serious.  Even I can't make this crap up.

So I call Verizon.  Same thing.  Customer service, pretending to be tech support.  At least this time I don't get disconnected.  The girl I talked to so was nice, and patient, and it took 45 minutes, but hang it all, we did it.  We were BOTH cracking up by the end of the call.  The kind of loopy, way too tired, over the edge giggly laughing.

SO.....after after 33 days, countless hours of banging my head on the wall, 2 trips to Best Buy (one in 104 degree weather), hours on the phone with "customer service", tech support, and who knows what else...

And I FINALLY. Have. My. New. Working. Computer.

{cue the heavens opening up and start the Hallelujah chorus!}

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