Monday, July 16, 2012

Just ONE Thing We Deal With

{The back story for this post is that after THREE years, Medicare keeps sending my claims to BCBS even though I don't have that insurance any longer.  Someone from Medicare told me I had to have BCBS send Medicare a termination of coverage letter (which I've already done twice)....that's how this all began. Oh, and I should mention I tried to call first, but the wait time was over 10 minutes, so I thought I'd try this...SILLY ME!}

Okay, this is the actual conversation I had with a "live agent" on website.

Thank you for contacting Live Chat.

KERRI:  I need the mailing address to send a termination of benefits letter from BCBS (for the second or third time).

Please wait while you are connected to an agent.
You are now connected with Live Chat.

Thank you for contacting Live Chat.  My name is Karen.  Can you please verify your first and last name?

KERRI:  Kerri Sweeris.

Karen:  Thank you Mrs. Sweeri. (Um, ya, Sweeri??)

KERRI:  Are you still there? (three minutes had elapsed)

Karen:  If you cancel supplemental policies, you need to call the supplemental company that you are cancelling and tell them to cancel the crossover. {OH my WORD I have done this a dozen times already}  Medicare cannot cancel crossover files.  Please allow 60 calendar days for the process to be completed.  If it has been more than 60 days {It's been 3 YEARS, "Karen"}, please contact your supplemental insurance company.

KERRI:  I DID call them and tell them to cancel the crossover. But Medicare told me I also needed to send a letter TO Medicare FROM BCBS, which I have in my possession, to complete the process.  I've done this like 3 times, and Medicare keeps billing BCBS.

KERRI:  I have not had BCBS for like 3 years. {I say "like" a lot!}

Karen:  I am sorry.  Medicare cannot cancel crossover files.  You do not need to send them a letter.

KERRI: {banging head against cement wall over and over}  I understand that.  Medicare requested a letter of termination of coverage from BCBS.  Again.  I already told BCBS to cancel the crossover.  I just need the address of Medicare to send the letter to. {I wanted to make sure it went to the right "department" or they would say they never got it.}

Karen:  I am very sorry.  Medicare does not have an address for these types of inquiries.
Karen:  Who told you that Medicare needs a letter? {see above for how many times I actually said "Medicare said...}


Karen:  Was this by phone?  {no it was by smoke signal, actually}

KERRI:  Yes.

Karen:  What phone number? {What phone number? SERIOUSLY?!?!?}

KERRI:  1-800-MEDICARE {which drives me crazy, by the way, when phone numbers are made up of too many it's really 1-800-MEDICAR.  The "E" is extemporaneous.  Makes me CRAZY!}

Karen:  I apologize.  There is no address for this.  They might have been referring to something else.


And I clicked "END CHAT"

The chat session has ended.  Thank you for contacting Live Chat.  Have a nice day.

Start time: 1:04:08 PM
End time:  1:18:52 PM

Have a nice day.  REALLY?!?!?  Now that I'm really to brutalize someone and my blood pressure is skyrocketing, yes, I shall have a nice day.


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Penelope said...

I hate Medicare usually…these are stupid issues to force people to deal with. Ugh!!