Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Losing What's Left Of My Mind!

Good grief!  I'm tellin' ya.

I have been out of my mind busy.  Doug has decided he didn't feel like waiting for any help (from Love INC) to start the house.  Now he's got the siding from 2 sides of the house ripped off, built a box around the brick chimney, and is or has repaired boards.  But, he's not ready to Tyvek it yet.  So if it rains......  UG.

In the meantime, I've been doing doing doing.  Laundry, dishes, bills...oh, wait a minute, I do all that anyway!

In all fairness, Doug cooks supper most days.  But the house is in utter needs to be cleaned, the office is a wreck (still)...I'm in the process of switching most of my bill pay stuff from one bank to another (yeah, that's a riot)...

Got lots of sick MG friends...I have 3 penpal letters to write (through Christian Pen should check them out....there are hundreds, if not thousands of inmates waiting for a Christian penpal...), plus I've got 3 CBI letters to write to send off my lessons (Crossroad Bible Institute... same thing, you should check them out. They do inmate Bible studies and need people to correct them... Go to and see if you can help!)

So there's that, then jewelry to make, a business to appointments (had 2 yesterday, went by myself)...Doug's been hammering on the house for 2 days....I'm about to lose my mind....what's left of it.  I've got a book review to write....and the list goes on.... Oh, yeah, sorted 4 loads of laundry this morning...I think I'm on load 3. Yah, like THAT'S getting folded today!  Not so much.

AND we have a meeting with Love INC in 2 hours. 

Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!