Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Creation

Okay, before I post this I have a disclaimer.  Several, probably.   I am NOT a seamstress.  I do not have a sewing machine.  I can sew a button on, and that's about it.  I do not hem, and I never took 6th grade sewing class.

That being said, my office needed a new curtain, and I decided I was going to make one.  I mean, how hard can it be, right?  It's a slab of fabric on a curtain rod.

So I went to the local 5&10, (geez, color me Laura Ingalls) to look at fabric.  After digging through piles of neatly stacked material which I barely dared to touch, I found the pattern I liked.  So thankfully (for me anyway), there was a very sweet store employee who was setting up (gack!) a Christmas display right near the sewing section. So I was like, "um, 'scuse me, I have a few questions... this says binding tape but it's not really tape, is it?"  (I'm not sure if it said Binding tape, but it said some kind of tape, and I do know there was nothing sticky about it.)

She said no, that's what you can wrap around the edges of your project for a finished touch.  I'm like, would that require more sewing, and she's like, yah.  So I passed on the non-sticky tape.

However, she told me I'd want a backing to my curtain so that the sun didn't bleach through. Huh?  So I found this plain, kind of off-white thicker material that they had juuuuust enough of.  Bought thread, a gabillion-pack of needles, straight pins, and off I went.

So I measured and cut, and measured some more, made my nice chalk lines against Doug's square (which isn't square at all, it's only got two sides!), pinned everything together, and was ready to sew.
Or so I thought.
All nice and pinned, the backing and everything...Then....

I turned it around to do the bottom hem, all came undone.  UG.
So after hundreds of straight pins (and seeing what I'll look like without teeth!)
A LOT of hard work, time, sweat, no tears tho.....
At the very end, I put the EYE end of the needle through my finger...bent the needle

This was from if anyone ever needs a DNA sample, they can use my curtain...

But...I DID IT!!!
I even hung it up myself and everything.  Doug had to put the actual curtain rod up, but I put it up, it blocks the heat form the sun, it hangs mostly straight, and it's CUTE!  I will never, ever, ever do it again, but I like it!  Every. single. stitch. done by hand.

I love my curtain!!

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Venessa said...

WooHoo...proud of ya little trach sis! My "sewing skills" are non-existent (yes, I can sew on a button or stitch a hem...but, "make something"???? Ummmm, no!) So, I am appropriately impressed by your curtain-making skill (and your jewelry-making skills!) Good job, cute curtain...You're amazing! :-)