Saturday, April 18, 2009

After 32 Months....

After 32 months, almost to the day, my precious baby got his very first ear infection. And a double one at that. You should have seen the doctor when she asked if he was allergic to any medication, and I said, well, he's never been on any, so I wouldn't know... She was like, he's never had an ear infection??? I'm like, um, no? Jacob has only been really sick 3 times in his life. Once when he was about 12 months, last June when he got giraffe-lickem-itis from feeding the giraffes at Binder Park (it was really roseola but it's funnier the other way) and now. But he has never required an antibiotic. He's actually doing pretty good, but yesterday, oh it just broke my heart to look at him. His eyes were all droopy and watery, his nose was just a constant stream, he was coughing almost continually...Horrible!!!

He looks pretty darn good here, but his little nose is all red from drippin' and his cheeks are red from wiping his drippin' nose with his sleeve...I know, I know...he HATES it when I wipe it. And then there's the "Booger Sucker;" the bane of every baby and toddler's existence. When he was really little, he would just lay there and be like, he screams and thrashes his head side to side...I'm not strong enough to hold him down, so I have to go for the jab-and-suck, which as you can imagine isn't always successful. He starts screaming, "No boodah! No Boodah!" (His "g"'s aren't great when you ask him what Daddy's "other" name is, it's Doud." Pretty darn cute.

The not so cute part is that my chest hurts again, and I had to miss my trip to Ann Arbor yesterday, so I'm hoping that doesn't mess everything up. We're tacking on an extra one after next Friday, so...we'll see! I certainly don't think I'll get an ear infection, but everything goes to my chest, which is the weakest part of me (and the most dangerous to be sick there!) But whatever. I made it through this last time....I can make it through again, I suppose.

I did get to Linda's folks...please keep praying for them...she's been gone just over 6 months, and the pain is still very fresh and raw. I was bummed that they didn't have any of her clothes, but I got a whole try of her earrings, a candle snuffer we had gotten her...the jewelry box Doug had made for her...and a couple of other tangible things...Like the giant green Rainforest Cafe mug that is now my morning coffee mug. Oh, how I miss her...but as painful as it seems, it helps me to have these things of hers...not sure why...Her mom couldn't even look at them.

So....please, once again, still, continue, however ya wanna say it....keep us in your prayers.... We need them, and we appreciate them more than you know!!

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Joanna said...

Aww - he looks pretty tired.

Hope you guys feel better soon. We're praying - even for Doud. >;)
(I think that's suppose to be an evil smile.)