Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I was Wrong...It was a Train

Okay. So Monday was almost normal. I felt kinda off and on, but felt good enough to go to some wonderful friends's house (Kim and Jason) and have an awesome time fellowshipping and watching the kids play. What a riot. We had such a great time!

Then yesterday, I felt okay in the AM...about noon I was feeling some oh-too-familiar pangs in the gut. By naptime, it was pain. About an hour after Doug got home, it was just like Saturday. Doubling over, make ya bawl while curling up in bed pain. So I was in bed from 6 yesterday til 8 this morning. Thank God my in-laws came to take care of Jacob, because I'm very shortly going back to bed.

Last night I was seriously debating on whether or not I should go to the hospital, again. I was thinking burst appendix, gallstones...I don't know. I decided to suck it up, and finally fell asleep about 11:30. This morning I feel better than last night, but I have zero energy.

Getting ready to do a breathing treatment, clean my trach, and go back to bed. Oh how I love my life right now....Going to Ann Arbor once a week, feeling like crap every day, not even being able to get out of bed....oh, don'tcha just wanna be like me???

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Joanna said...

I hope you're doing better, woman. So sorry I missed your call Tuesday night.