Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu??

Okay. I'm trying to be calm. For those of you who know me well, you know I have a thing about germs. Part of me always HAS had a problem, but now I NEED to be extra careful because of my medical...challenges. : ) So the WHO and the CDC are talking pandemic...which I know are supposed to occur 3 times every century, and the last one in 1968 or whatever a million people died as opposed to 50 million in the pandemic of 1918.

I guess I just urge everyone to be extra careful, wash your hands a LOT, and stay away from sick people! Seriously, Doug's cousin is married to a man who works for Homeland Security, and he sent her an e-mail from work telling her to stay out of public places, and to stay home. They live in Texas, so I think their risk may be higher.

I don't want to be labelled an alarmist, but I think this thing is serious. It's spreading, and there have been cases in Michigan now. Including Allegan county. PLEASE be careful. There is a saying that I think is appropriate for such a time as this: Trust God, but continue to row the boat. In other words, we DO need to put our trust in God as He is the ultimate source of Life, but we can be practical about taking care of ourselves as well. Just my two cents. (Or maybe three....) : )


AllisonRhodes said...

There are no documented cases in my city, but I feel bad and have GI trouble, so I stayed home from work. Better safe than sorry. Allison

Crista said...

A ministry friend of mind sends out info. re: herbal treatment for flu...no matter which source...the two which stand out to me are: Eldeberry and Sambucol. If I've still got the info., I'll send it your way. Yes, we are to be wise.
This puts a very relevant meaning to Ps. 91:7. May we live in the Wisdom of God...not fearfully, but wisely.
Hugs to you,