Monday, April 13, 2009

Incredible Time of Worship

Wow. Went to the first InTents Life family worship and Bible study Saturday night. AMAZING. It was so awesome! And I was able to be a part of it! I am so thankful for that. I have been sick literally every day since the InTents Life's like satan was just attacking and attacking because I was finally feeling well enough to start participating in Bible study again. Well, he's got a fight on his hands because I will NOT go quietly! The retreat was March 21. Saturday service was April 11, (21 days, two of which I was "this" close to going to the hospital) ....the first day that I was not ill. What a blessing!!!! And then Sunday I got to go to my parents for Easter... spent time with my whole family...what a weekend! And today, even though my precious boy woke up at 6...well, when your 2 year old climbs in bed with you asking for butterly kisses, it really doesn't matter what time it is!

I have many challenges in my life. But I have even more blessings....First of all, I KNOW my Redeemer lives! A wonderful, supportive husband who indulges my wishes for ducks and chickens and turkeys, knowing he will have to do all the work...(Oh, and because of the service Saturday we are getting a baby sheep...Thanks, Pastor Dave!) incredible, godly friends who love and support me, visit me, help me out, volunteer to help me out, send me encouraging cards and e-mails (praise God for e-mail friends!) bring meals to my family when I am really sick...pray for me daily...even on the phone! A happy healthy child who loves his Mommy and will grow up to love Jesus, and asks for butterfly heart is overflowing. Parents who are still here on earth, healthy nieces and nephews...a fabulous, warm, cozy farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, lots of land for Jacob to run around on...the list could go on and on.

Even though there are times when I hit bottom, feel like giving up, when I cry out to God to just stop all this, to take it away and He chooses not to at this point...even then...deep down, I know my life is GOOD. When you really focus on what's important, and don't get me wrong, health is important, but when you really look at your life....when I look at MY life.....God is GOOD. He has blessed me beyond measure. Thank you Jesus.

CLARIFICATION: I totally should have re-read the was quite misleading! We're not getting BUNNY the sheep, but we will BE GETTING a sheep....someday. I told Doug we could just have her in the house in diapers for now...and he FREAKED OUT. (Do remember I grew up in the city.....I live on a farm, but I'm not a farm-girl just yet!) So I'm sure Bunny has a wonderful home, but it's not with us. We will surely keep you posted when we add on... : )


Leigh@intentslife said...

WHOOOO-HOOOO to you too!!!! :)

I'm so glad you're doing better. Nehemiah 8:10 is going through my mind right now:

The joy of the Lord is your strength!

God was indeed good to us Saturday and I believe that was only the beginning. Having you there was awesome.

And you guys are getting Bunny??? Oh, I love that. I could have sobbed over that lamb. You'll have to post pics of it with Jacob.

Love you,

Joanna said...

Mercy! I missed a few posts. Girl, you is on fih-ya. Good stuff. I think I about squealed when that little lamb was brought out.