Thursday, April 9, 2009

So Many Battles...but only one WAR

Oh friends. The battles that wage within the soul. For me, right now, the most obvious is my health. It is SO hard to stay emotionally stable and mentally sound when you are sick day after day after day. A wonderful friend called me and told me she felt like the Lord had directed her to call me, and every day, whether I felt like it or not, I needed to say, outloud, "I am healed." Part of me (sorry Shawn, it's just my upbringing) was like, Okay, I'll do it because it's YOU that asked. : ) So every morning, Jacob and I say, "We are healed in the name of Jesus." The way Jacob says it cracks me up.....In the naaaaaame of Jesus. I'm raising a true Pentacostal here people.

But seriously...the ONLY way to win any battle is to fight. You can't rest for a moment. You have to be battle ready all the time, and the most important thing to remember, folks, is that we are NOT fighting against flesh and blood. We have an enemy, and he comes to KILL, STEAL, and DESTROY. And we have a Savior that came so that we might have LIFE and have it more ABUNDANTLY. Do I know why we have to fight so hard? No, but I know that we will not ever fight as long or as hard as Christ did at Calvary.

Do I know why we suffer? Nope. But again, We will never suffer as much as the Lamb that was Slain.

There are many other battles in this life: alcoholism, gambling, food and other addictions. The list is really endless. But always remember we are NOT fighting flesh and blood, so we can't fight with natural weapons. We must fight with the weapons of God, which is His Word.
Can I quote the Bible chapter and verse? Not as much as I should be able to. But I know that it is the only Hope we have left. And we all need to get into it and breathe it into our very pores.

This week has been horrible for me. Up and down, SO SO SO exhausted. When your mind and body are wiped out it is SO easy for the enemy to come in and start taunting you. "You're worthless." "No one on this earth needs you." "You are such a burden to others" "Why did you ever have that child if you can't take care of him?" These have been my tormented thoughts this week.

Friends, when you find yourself if this position, FIGHT. If you are simply too weary, call people and ask them to pray with you, for intercede when you just don't have the strength.

We fight many battles, friends, but there is only ONE war, and we win. At the end of all of this, we get it ALL...we just have to endure til then. When I post things on this blog, I am speaking to myself as much if not more than anyone who may be reading it. Do NOT give in to the schemes of the devil.

God is with you always. He will NEVER leave you or forsake you. Try to remember that. Close your eyes, and imagine this HUGE wing coming over you to cover you from are warm and safe and secure, and nothing cam harm you. That is truly the way we are if we are in Christ. Protected. Safe.

But that doesn't mean that we will not have trials. On the contrary, the more we fight the more battles we have. But the end will be so worth it my friends. It will be so worth it.

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G said...

A wonderful post Kerri....truly reminds me of the song "I'll Praise Him in This Storm".

I am praying for you, Doug and Jacob.

Lova ya