Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back to Reality?

Okay so yesterday here's some of what I did:
{crickets chirping}

Sat on the couch.
Managed to feed my child a couple of times.
Went to the eye doctor and got some bodacious glasses. Very dramatic.
Went out for dinner with my husband because my niece, God bless her, was here cleaning my house (I paid her, don't worry, cuz she worked her tail off), said, I'm here, I'll watch Jacob, you go out for dinner with Uncle Doug for some "aloooone time!" She said it so cute...she is only 20 and just recently married to a young soldier in Iraq...Daniel).

So yah. Back to reality, and I probably DID overdo it on Monday...but like I said, when I feel good, I just go flat out til I can't go no mo'! : ) So Tuesday, "go no mo'" I did!

So today my sister Lori is coming to visit, tomorrow is Bible study and lunch with Joanna, and Friday is Ann Arbor. Even with the hideous needles, this week is turning out to be fabulous!

Again, many thanks to those who faithfully life me up in prayer. Heck, even to those who have ever prayed for me at all!...I am so appreciate of you all I can't even tell you. God is working in my life, for's not always a pleasant road, but I just HAVE to keep my eyes on the destination!

Look at the Water Walker, not the Wind and Waves!!
Have a TERRIFIC day.


Ginny said...

I am so glad you have had a good week. I'm praying that the remainder of this week is terrific!

Crista said...

rKerri! ~AMEN! You rec'd a huge revelation!!!! Look to Our Mountain Mover and not the mountains!!!...Our Water Walker - not the wind and the waves!
Powerful! ~Love you!
Crista :>)

AllisonRhodes said...

I'm glad you're having a good week. I am seriously down in the dumps about my disease today. Holler at you later ~ Allison

Kerri said...

Allison, what do you suffer from? Feel free to e-mail me at
if you'd like to "talk".

Joanna said...

Oh yes we did have a good time didn't we? :)