Thursday, April 16, 2009

Frustration Rising

Oh the joyous ups and downs of life.

I guess my quota for having a life has been met by attending 2 Bible studies, one ladies retreat, and one Saturday service.

The frustration is getting to me. Just when we start to enjoy life....BAM! Now I know that as Chrisitans we are TOLD that life won't be easy...but I was thinking more along the lines of being persecuted for your faith, not suffering 90% of the time from some crappy illness.

Jacob is sick. Again. Still. Whatever. He has a fever, runny nose and a nasty cough. He hardly ever coughs. This is my life: Decide to try to have one (a life), or stay home and seclude yourself from the world praying no errant germs find their way in. Either way pretty much stinks because if we stay home all the time, I lose my mind. If we go out, I could get as sick as I just was, and maybe next time end up in the hospital. Although this time it was someone that came to the house that gave us the germs from toys they brought in (not on purpose of course) so I guess not only can we not leave the house we can't have anyone over.

Yes, I know life isn't fair. And yup, I could probably use a little tweaking of the attitude today. I'm completely emotional from PMS and tonight I'm going to Linda's parents to look at her stuff they're selling at a garage sale tomorrow. Then we were supposed to go to Costco, but who knows now. I'm still going to the garage sale. I need some of her will bring me comfort. It's more than having pictures....I want something to always remember her by...

So anyway...whoever you are, wherever you are, if you could say a prayer today that A. I don't lose my mind, B. That Jacob gets over this quickly, and C. That I don't get sick again. We also have to cancel my trip to Ann Arbor tomorrow, which I really don't want to do, but can't take a sick kid, and I don't want to leave him anyway when he's sick. Hopefully postponing a week won't mess up all the progress I've made.

So, no shiny post from me today. Just a life-can-be-really-crappy-sometimes-post.
At least the sun is out!!!!!


Leigh@intentslife said...

Oh, girl. I'm sorry life has been so rough. I'm praying for you. Whatever you do, don't give up.

Love ya bunches.

Joanna said...

Oh man! Kick the snot out of a wayward pillow - it'll never see it coming. :}

I'm praying for you sweets. Don't stress about yesterday. Glad you're going to get some of Linda's stuff. Good to face it even though it hurts.