Friday, October 9, 2009

Do Not Mix

Sleep deprivation.
Chronic Illness.
A 3 year old who has more energy in his little finger than Mommy does in her whole body.

I would highly suggest not combining these conditions. They are not conducive to life. I haven't decided yet if they are conducive to survival. Doug will have to let you know at the end of the day, when he gets home.

So seriously. It is RIDICULOUSLY unfair how busy children can be, then not sleep all night, and have it not effect them in the least except for possibly making them more cranky and oh-so-fun to deal with. Lately, Jacob has been saying "Mommy, I can't sleep." Now, before you say, well, maybe he can't! He says this before he even gets in bed. Then he says it again when his eyes are almost closed. Then, if he wakes up even slightly, he forces himself from sleep and says it again. They he says it at 6 AM and crawls in bed with Mommy and Daddy, ensuring neither Mommy or Daddy get another moment's sleep. (Well, Daddy might, God blessed him with the ability to sleep like a bulldozer.)

I am entirely too old to have a 3 year old.

So I told Doug 1. Jacob's bed goes into his room (finally) THIS WEEKEND. 2. No more naps. Jacob took kind of a long nap yesterday, and then was up half the night. The day prior, he had NO nap, and went to bed at 9, and slept til 8. MUCH better. So today, if you pray, please send one up for me. And probably Jacob. And Doug...we will not be taking a nap today, and Mommy is already exhausted (and it's not even 8 AM!!). Thank God It's FRIDAY! I reminded Daddy that today would be a reeeeaaallly good day to get out on time, or even early.

So if you live around here, and here the crazy-train paddy wagon, it's probably just me.


Beverly said...

I understand completly! I am 43 with a 6 years old. He decided he was going to get up a little ealy this morning and flipped the master bath light on to take a was 2:50 in the morning!
There is hope ahead for you...pre-school and then SCHOOL! There will be some rest coming, hanf in there!

Joanna said...

I tell ya what. After it picks me up, I'll have them swing by to get you and we'll share a room. 8^)

daugtheroftheking said...

Yeah, try menopause and preschoolers.It's a laugh and a half!!! LOL

Leigh @ intentslife said...

For some terrible reason, the Dog Whisperer's cure for overly energetic pups comes to mind - putting them on a tread mill until they're worn out! I'm just afraid this might be considered child abuse with a 3 year old. :)

Young Wife said...

Leigh that is so funny! Kerri, I hope you got some sleep.