Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quick update

So tomorrow is plasmapheresis, which is taking a backseat in my brain to the MRI. (I guess that means I have a front seat in my brain, so it must be either a car or bus or something???)

Anywho. I have been through enough medical rigamarole to know that unless you make SURE everyone has their peas in a pod, what is supposed to happen, won't. I got a reminder in the mail for the MRI, and was told to be there 15 minutes early. Now, since I am having general anesthesia, I know from experience I need to be there way earlier than 15 minutes. So I call the MRI office, and ask how early I need to be for general anesthesia. They say one hour, and that anesthesia will call the day before the test to confirm everything. I tell them I will not be home, but actually at the U of M hospital getting another treatment. This throws them for a loop (shocker!). They put me on hold, and actually get the anesthesia people on the line. Very good!

So I ask the this lady what time I need to be there...she says 7 AM. That's what I thought. Nice. An hour and a half. Ug. Then I ask if they have it noted that I have a trach. No, as a matter of fact, they don't. (See what I mean?) She asked what kind, and said, oh, that's no biggie, we'll just swap it out. I started laughing, and she was like, what? I told her how some folks were practically giving birth over the fact that I had a trach and needed an MRI under sedation. I said, "They're anesthesiologists, I think they can handle it!" Then SHE started laughing.

Anywho. If you could please keep Doug and me in your prayers, that first of all pheresis goes well, and that Jacob does good at Grandma's again, that the MRI tells us what we need to know about my hips, and that it's NOT avascular necrosis. Also, that I come out of the anesthesia quickly and without consequence. Thank you so so so much!! I know I am calm and not freaking out because people pray for me, and God hears and answers.

Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week!


Pam said...

I am praying for you ...hope all is well, remember that when you are sleeping God is not, he never slumbers nor sleeps...Psalm 91
I am praying for a special time for Jacob with his grandparents as well...
Blessings,hugs,love and prayers

Young Wife said...

Prayers are going up! Having a chronic illness really is a full time job.