Saturday, October 3, 2009

Health Update on Me

First of all, thank the LORD my treatment went really good yesterday. Perfect, really. Needles went in on the first try (hurt a little, but nothing too bad). I ran really fast, which is always good. The slower the machine runs, the longer the treatment, the more physical stress my system is under, and the longer it takes me to recover. SO: running at 115 is about top speed, and that's where I was at the end. They have to start a little slower and ramp up. (In comparison, 3 weeks ago, during the entire vein/access debacle, I was running at about 80, and they had to keep slowing me down.)

When I first got there, I asked Lynn to page Dr. Teener, and ask him if he PLEASE had a moment to come up and talk to me about what's going on with the MRI. After all, it's been three weeks and I've had no info other than from the neuro. nurse, "We're working on it." And I'm really not that concerned about having avascular necrosis (AVN), I just want to find out what it IS that's causing the pain.

So in walks Dr. Teener before my treatment even starts! He was there to see a different patient. When he was done he comes over and asks how I'm doing. I said I would be much better if I knew what was going on. {You see, Dr. Teener would defintely be an UNDER-communicator, and I am without a doubt an OVER-communicator, (no, really!) so having a conversation is very interesting}.

However, he expressed his frustration over having put it the paperwork for the MRI two weeks ago, and not getting any results. Apparently the hang up is anesthesia. Which I'm like, hello, people are sedated for MRI's at least as often as they are awake, so what's the problem?? (Especially in emergencies).

Oh.....the trach. Well for the love of Pete any idiot could place an e.t. (endotrachial tube) in a trach hole. I could do it if I wasn't unconscious! I asked him if they were waiting for the planets to align or what....he said apparently.

So this is where we stand: I am to call Tim (the neuro nurse) on Monday morning. If an MRI is not scheduled, Dr. Teener said he will go to his contact, a good friend, in Neurological Radiology.
I'm have a contact in NEURO-RADIOLOGY and didn't think to talk to him prior to all this? Ug. And he is my BRAIN doctor. Actually, I do have to say Dr. Teener is one the the best in the country. He is still my favorite doctor, even though right now it's a bit dicey.

The hip pain isn't fact I haven't been needing pain meds during the day most of the time. I have to be very careful to walk very straight, because any twists or turns and I'm a goner. It's veeery interesting when I step on one of Jacob's toys and try not to twist, rotate, wrench my back or fall. I'll just let you get that image going in your mind...

My eyes are starting to act up a bit, but I'm sure it's just stress. (Stress is the number one thing that exacerbates M.G.) Between just every day life, my medical issues, this MRI looming over me, and the anniversary of Linda's death, it's been a bit trying lately.

Thanks for all your prayers....Lord knows I need 'em!

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