Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Saga Continues...

So I'm still chugging away on dial-up.

I went to see Samantha last night, and she worked through every possibility of why this thingamadoodle (or as Jacob would say, "fingernoodle") wasn't working. Turns out it's "definitely" the USB cable. Apparently, especially with laptops, the cable they sell (which needs a special adaptor) doesn't always work. (Well, then, 1. Why do you sell it, and 2. Why don't you carry the one that works???)

You can actually buy it on line for 1/2 the cost, including shipping, but as most of you know, I'm not so good in the patience department. So I got the one from the store, but it didn't work. So last night I sign on with the morse code modem and tried to find the cord online, but of course everything was taking FOREVER to download, so I just gave up. Since I was up at like 5:45 this morning, I thought I'd try again, and I found it. Yee-ha! Hopefully it ships today, and I MAY have it as early as tomorrow, but it could be a week.

The only other thing it COULD be is my antivirus thingy. Somehow it sees the phone as a virus and won't let it in. So I asked Samantha what I would do then, and she tried explaining; I saw her lips moving, but I swear all I heard was "blah blah blah". I just kind of glaze over when you talk about anything computer-esque other than blogging or e-mail. Or facebook. I just don't care, I don't WANT to learn, I don't CARE if I can save $50.00, I'd rather just take it somewhere and say, "Fix it please."

Doug does our taxes. Just another example of our wonderful differences. I cringe just thinking about it. He puts in, by hand every single deduction we have, every item donated...every book, every item of clothing, makes me crazy. He's like, no problem. He gets the tax software and it walks him right through it. Of course, he IS a good Dutchman, and needs to save a buck where a buck can be saved. (Well, dollar..."buck" isn't a great analogy since it's almost hunting season!)

I think part of the reason I am this way is this is the way my parents were. My dad was always working, and didn't have the time (OR the patience) to fix stuff. When he did try, he'd get so mad if it wasn't perfectly done in about 30 seconds, he'd get totally ticked off and start yelling and throwing when Doug starts a project like the taxes, I guess I have flashbacks! :P

Anywho....I digress. I'm hoping like mad that in a couple of days I will be zipping through cyberspace and able to watch videos!!!! Wish me luck!!


Beverly said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the sweet compliment on my son (I think he is the cutest too..LOL).

EEK..I remember dial up...yuk.
I hope the new phone thingy works for you!

Pam said...

Kerri it is almost scary how much we are alike!
I am so the same way when it comes to waiting for things, like hard drives, mine came on tueday (under warrenty yet! For Christmas last year my family gave me parts for my computer so DAvid are son could build me a new one...he could use some of the old stuff...any way when my computer crashed a couple of weeks ago i was so bummed, I lost my emails...and some other things I did not recently back up...but I had just saved the pictures I took good thing,
but I am the same way with taxes, I get all nerved up just thinking about them...our Doug's sound alike also!
so nice to know I am not the only one who is like this!
I love you Kerri you make me feel like I am not the only who feels the way I do!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts outloud!