Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I finally have my MRI scheduled! Thursday, October 22. The MRI appointment girly called to set up an appointment, and she's like, "Do you have a particular day that would work better for you? We do the MRI's with general anesthesia at 8:30 in the morning."

I was like, and here I thought the planets had to align before I could get in, that the "forces that be" couldn't figure out what to do with me because I have a trach. Oh the drama.

On a lighter note, my son is hysterical.

These are a few of the conversations we've had lately.

Jacob, screaming like a steam engine choo-chooing: "Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"
Daddy: {very loudly} "Jacob, this is loud! You need to use your inside voice. {very quietly} This is your inside voice. {very loudly again} This is a loud voice. Do not keep getting louder and louder."
Jacob: "You mean fortisimo?"
Daddy, looking at Mommy for an interpretation. "Did he just say fortisimo?"
Mommy: "Yes, do you know what that is?"
Daddy: "Nope. Great. My 3 year old is smarter than I am."
Mommy: "It's a musical term meaning to play loudly."

Unbelievable. He just turned 3 less than 2 months ago.

Mommy: "Jacob, Jacob, Jacob. {who had been outside with Daddy playing in who knows what} you are dirty, dirty, dirty."
Jacob: "I certainly am!"


Mommy: "Okay bud, here's a bunch of shapes we can play with."
Jacob: {holding up a parallelogram} "Is this a parallelogram?"
Mommy: {slack jawed} "Why, yes it is, Jacob!"

{crickets chirping}

This is my favorite: I have been trying to get Jacob to understand that when he makes a choice, he has to stick to it, and that his words have meaning. He is a typical 3 -year old in that he will say, "I want to eat." We get all set to eat, and he says "I don't want it!" And back and back and forth. Well, USED to go back and forth. Not anymore!

He's kind of like me in that he's a word nerd, and loves words. He'll hear a word and say, "What does that mean?" if he doesn't know. So I've been telling him (maybe 1/2 dozen times or so) that his words and actions have consequences.

Mommy; "Jacob, do not throw that [plastic] rock in the house again!"
Jacob: "Okay Mommy."

Jacob, a minute later: "Mommy, I did something."
Mommy: "What."
Jacob: "Only a glass." {looking at me like, Chill, Mom...YES, he started calling me MOM!!!}
Mommy: "SHOW ME."
Jacob takes me to Daddy's water glass, perfectly turned upside down on the carpet. It HAD been full of water.
Mommy: "Did you throw your rock again?"
Jacob: "Yes."
Mommy goes to get the spoon, and Jacob gets a spanking.
After a few moments of hysteria at the horror of being disciplined, I call Jacob over to talk.
Mommy: "Why did Mommy spank you?"
Jacob: "Because I didn't listen. I threw my rock."
Mommy: "That's right. You directly disobeyed Mommy. What happens when you disobey Mommy?"
Jacob: "Consequences!"

Life is NEVER dull around here!!!


Gaspegirl said...

Good morning, I am visiting from SITS. Your son sounds like quite a little character! Good luck with the upcoming MRI.

Make it a great day!

Momma G.Love said...

Good luck!

...stopping by from SITS...

Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge

Young Wife said...

Fortisimo! Wow!

Pam said...

when I need a laugh I just read your blog!
You do have a very smart little man on your hands!
Love you