Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shopping + Humidity+ MG = Symptoms from the PIT.

Happy Saturday. My arms are like jello, so this probably won't be too long. Been having struggles with overall weakness the last 3 days or so.

However, our local Pamida store had CRAZY sales, promos and coupons today. How could we NOT go? They had 3 coupons...50% off one soft home item (we got an $80.00 floor rug for $25.00 by the time all was said and done!) 50% off any apparel item (Got a shirt that was already marked down, original price was like $25.00, got it for $8.55) and 50% off any sporting goods item. Doug got a tent for Jacob so they could "camp" in the back yard.

The first 100 people got Pamida bags with a snack bag of chips in it, a pen, a coupon for sierra mist, and a Pamida Bucks certificate for $5.00 or $10.00. One bag had a $100.00! I didn't hear any screams, so I don't know who got it.

Now, I live in a town (Allegan) where the TOTAL population is like 5500 or something. On Black Friday we went to Pamida to get an awesome deal on a big on a TV, and there were like 6 people in line. So I'm thinking, No worries...there won't be that many people there. Oh. My. Word. I was soooooo wrong. We had to park in the dirt, but we still were the first 100 to get bags (kids couldn't get them or we would've been s.o.l.)

You walk in and they have free cookies and water, more copies of the coupons in case you forgot yours or something. They ran out of carts though so I had to take one with a big ol baby seat on it. Then I put the rug in, so you can about imagine what I looked like.

Anyway....then, when you check out, you pop a balloon, and get whatever is in there. Most commonly it was 5% off total purchase, or they had 20% off, even one that said entire purchase free! Again, no screaming, so I don't think anyone got that while we were there.

The store manager there, Gerald, is awesome! (No, we're not related!) He's SO's like he genuinely cares about every single person that he comes in contact with. I've never seen him impatient or angry (and we are there a LOT!) He runs a tip top shop!

I should say that all of this information is purely my opinion, I'm not being paid to review anything or whatever. I mean, I'm just braggin' on the deals we got! Yah, there was a little chaos, but we saved MORE money than we spent. You GOTTA love that!!! So if you're ever in Allegan, check out Pamida while you're here!

It was really hot in there though...very humid today, and LOTS of people. We were there for about an hour and a half, (didn't want to miss anything!!!) so I am exhausted beyond belief. Humidity always slows me waaaay down, but then shopping on top of I was already weak from yesterday. Ug. Oh well. I'll live.

It was a fun morning...and Jacob was really well behaved. Other kids were screaming and hollering... Jacob just hung out. Asked for everything in the store, but hung out. Good times!

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Karen Mortensen said...

Sounds like a great store. Glad you got some good deals.