Monday, June 14, 2010

Tonight's the Night

Tonight is the night I will receive a proclamation from the Mayor of the City of Allegan, acknowledging that June is National Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month. I couldn't get the biggest local paper to come, but I sent him some informaiton via e-mail, and will follow up with him to get something in the paper.

The Allegan County Press will be there, and it should be in Wednesday's paper, so I'll have to make sure I get one. I think they will just take a picture of me with the proclamation...I don't know if they'll ask questions or anything. I guess we'll see!

I'm a little nervous...only because my speech can get bad if I'm really nervous, and I'm not really having a stellar day already. But I suppose that's good, because the worse I am the more impact it will make! (Hopefully I won't have to make a speech anyway!!!)

I'll let you all know tomorrow how it goes!



Karen Mortensen said...

This is so exciting. Good luck and relax.

maita said...

Good luck!

Together We Save said...

Good luck!!