Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What a Bizarre Day

So I got nothing done today that I was supposed to...Jacob threw up this morning, right after he drank a bunch of orange gatorade. I'll spare you the rest.

He did still go to Auntie Shawn's, because I fed him a chocolate chip cookie thinking if he was really sick he'd throw up again. (Actually Shawn's idea to feed idea about the cookie). BUT, I cancelled both of my doctor appointments. He ate the cookie and was still fine 2 hours later, so away he went.

After I dropped Jacob off at NOON, had lunch with my hubby, got into an argument, called Joanna, she took me to Radio Shack to get a new cord for my cell phone booster so I have "real" internet again, and then to the chiropractor, which I wasn't planning on, but needed....then to a coffee shop for an ice cream coffee drink.

So. The day wasn't a total wash. It was very bizarre. Quite emotional. But overall, not bad. Bizarre, but not bad.

The paper won't be at the Council Meeting...ARGH. They blamed the economy. So I got his e-mail and sent him a post I'd like to see in the paper...he said he'd try, and check with his editor. So I'll just keep harassing, I mean, checking with him until it goes in. : ) I can be quite persistant.

Hope everyone is having a healthy day. Hopefully my frustration with my husband will be resolved soon. Ug.



LazyCrazyMama said...

Does sound like quite the bizarre day. Hopefully things look up and the rest of the day goes/went well!

Karen Mortensen said...

Bizarre happens. Glad you had some good times though.