Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trying to Launch a Career

SO. I'm totally trying to launch a freelance writing career, and it isn't as easy as I thought it would be. It's quite time consuming! Which is fine, because I'm willing to put in the time, effort and what energy I have! It's kind of difficult sometimes with an almost 4 year old with more energy that a nuclear reactor, a puppy with broken hips, and a husband who works more than full time. But alas, I'm going for it. (I can hear my father saying "glutton for punishment" somewhere in the recesses of what's life of my mind!)

Having MG has interferred with so much in my life. I'm finally at the point, though, where I think I can manage writing through it. I've always wanted to return to work, but I just am not physically able get ready and GO to work. I can't imagine going to a workplace now, with Jacob and all. A writing career will be awesome, because it's flexible, and I can work on it when I'm feeling the best. The hardest part is carving out specific time, without taking anything away from Jacob.

But I just need something for me, ya know? Is that selfish? Sometimes I think it is, but other times I'm like, hey....I need this for my sanity!

So...wish me luck!



Karen Mortensen said...

I think this is great. Go for it. Good luck.

Punken said...

I think it is great and wish you lots of luck! I see although you have lost your mind you sense of humor is fully intact!!!

Heidi Walker said...

You need no luck. You have drive and know how to work hard.

Keep it up you will reach your goals!

Margaret said...

I think that is a great idea!!!!!!!

Joanna said...

You better go for it.

Melissa said...

Good luck to you! I mostly write in my job (marketing communications). If you want great writing tips, copyblogger.com always has awesome articles! Also, publicationcoach.com has a great newsletter!

Melissa (@adventuroo)