Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drumroll Please......


Two days in a row now....I don't feel like I could just crawl in bed and stay there for a month. It looks like this pheresis worked! I am so FLIPPIN' happy I could bawl. (I could bawl pretty much anytime, but, ya know...)

I even got dressed. Now THAT says something! Normally it's PJ day unless someone is coming over. Not today! Bra and everything. Go me!!!

So I got a call from Ann Arbor, and things are IN THE WORKS for the Rituxan treatments. I need to get some bloodwork done, and except for waiting for a spot to open up (cancer patients get priority which I totally get), we will be good. to. go. Woot Woot!

When I'm better, ya know the first thing I'm gonna do? I'm gonna DANCE. I'm gonna shake some bootay. I may only be able to dance for 5 minutes, but for that 5 minutes, I'm gonna BOOGIE!

I also got my printed blog-book in the mail, and I freakin' LOVE IT! No, it's not perfect, because there are typos here and there on different blog posts, but whatever! It's me in print, and I LOVE it.

So. That's about it for me right now...I'll keep ya posted!


Rachel said...

I'm wearing my cheer leader skirt today, not to lift your spirits, but to cheer for happiness, lots of good things happening for you!!!!!

Great to hear you're feeling better!!
Imagine getting excited to put a bra on, I totally get it, after all we really don't want our TaTa's hanging down to our belly buttons...

Thanks for the recipe, it sounds delish!

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

I am sooooo glad you are feeling better!!! That is awesome!

I also think getting the blog book is awesome! I'm hoping to get one, but it's going to be soooo expensive!

Mollye said...

Hi Kerri, Thanks for stoppin at my blog. It is great getting to know you. I am not familiar with your illness, so I need to go back and read more, but none the less you will be on my prayer list. I also did the printed blog book. My youngest son Jake was killed almost 9 months ago and I wanted to print all my posts from the time he died until the end of the year of 2010 so I could always have the wonderful supportive and loving comments for my family. What a great idea that was. I love my book too. I began my current blog at the first of this year. but I kept my old blog for the memories of older bloggy friends I'd accumulated in the past three or so years. I adore blogging and am so glad to have found a new sister. Hugs, Mollye

Patty Ann said...

Whoo Hoo Kerri!! I am doing a happy dance here for you! (No, I won't take pictures!) I am so glad that you are having a good few days. I just can't even begin to tell you how much that means to me.