Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things I Know For Sure

This post comes to you from the writing prompts this week from the infamous MamaKat.

One of the prompts this week was to write about things I know for sure. Well, in this world, there's probably more that I DON'T know, but there are many things I do.

I know for sure, that there is a God, that He loves me, that He has a plan for me, and even if I have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death here on this planet, He will be with me, and when this fleeting life is through, I will be in heaven, perfect, healthy, and happy.

I know for sure, that there are angels in my life in human form. Just a FEW of them are named Linda, Lori, Jessica, Grace, Patty Ann, Kerry, Karen, Shawn, Tina, Diana and Rachel. There are many more, but these have been encouraging me on a daily basis. Three of them I have never even met in person, but lift me up every single day. I love you girls.

I know for sure, that living with chronic illness on a daily basis is the most difficult part of my entire life. That there are days when I want to give up. That there are days when it's overwhelming, and I just want everything to go away.

I know for sure, that I never will give up. I don't have it in me. I've actually tried. It's lasted maybe a week. Then I get irritated with myself and pull myself up by the bootstraps, and start kicking butt and taking names again.

I know for sure, that the love of a mother for her child transcends understanding.

I know for sure, that only God can give you real peace. You can't buy it, earn it, steal it, or take it. You ask for it, and you receive it from Jesus.

I know for sure, that without the support of friends on this blog, friends from all over the world, I wouldn't be sane. Just when I think I'm ready to lose it completely, I get an e-mail, a card, a phone call, something....that someone cares about me, or that I have inspired them. Words cannot express the joy that brings to my heart. I want my time on this earth to make a difference. I want to leave a footprint of strength and courage and inspiration and education. I want my life to matter, whatever condition it may be in.

I know for sure, that every one of you reading this is precious. That YOU matter. That I appreciate you reading my words. That YOU may be, to a person like me, the most important person in their lives. That YOUR action however big or small, may impact another for eternity. And that, my friends, is a big deal.


KarTer Kake Gallery said...

Kerri, that is an absolutely beautiful post! You are an amazing person and an inspiration to so many! I love your fighting spirit!!! Love you!!

Patty Ann said...

Kerri, This is probably one of the best posts that I have read! I love it. You are such an amazing person, and the reason you have so many friends is because you bring that to each one of us. My life is infinitely better since I have gotten to know you!!

Karen Mortensen said...

I agree with the above. You are one awesome woman.

Rachel said...

I wish I could put my feelings into words the way you do!! Sometimes you make me laugh so hard, and other times I cry my eyes out. We are all so blessed that you share so much of yourself with us.

We may never be lucky enough to meet each other, but I KNOW FOR SURE I'm a lucky person for "knowing" you!

Anne said...

Kerri.. that was beautiful! I love how you put that the love of a mother for her child transcends understanding. How true! You sound like you have a wonderful circle of friends. That is a special gift... to love and be loved.