Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We LOVE to Cook

Doug and I love to cook. Well, he mostly cooks, I bake a lot. I'm infamous for my one dish wonders (chicken and dumpling, lasagna, that kind of thing). For Valentines Day, I got Doug a chef coat. (He loved it, by the way!) We watch Chopped and Top Chef religiously. Doug is always trying to improve, do new things, and "present" beautiful plates. He's so precious!

The next thing I want to get him is a fancy spice rack. I LOVE this one.
What kind of spice racks do you like? This one is my absolute favorite. It's would just be on the on-the-counter kitchen spice rack, but I think it's totally cool. It even measures for you! How cool is that?
And of course there are cool wall mount spice racks too. I like this one a lot.
So, tell me about your spice racks. Do you have one? Where is it? Is it convenient? Right now we just have a draw that slides out, and a bunch of little ones laying in a small drawer as well. It's okay, I guess, it IS out of sight. But with fancy ones, I wouldn't mind having one out on the counter or on the wall!


Patty Ann said...

We use so many spices, that they would never all fit in a rack. I just have a lazy susan in the cupboard with all the spices in bottles. I love to find pretty bottles to put spices in. We also have some spices in BIG bottles. Those are the ones we use all the time.

Rachel said...

My spice "system" is like Patty Ann's. Years ago I had one of those old fashioned wooden racks with all the cute little bottles. It wasn't practical at all. I spent more time refilling little bottles, then I also had to find a place for the larger bottles that I needed to fill the small ones!

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I don't like to cook at all. When Matthew first started eating solid foods it was a real challenge but I'm getting better. My house is quite rustic looking so I put up two little shelves to hold my spice bottles but it's not practical at all because when I want something from the back row I have to move a bunch of bottles from the front row to find it.

I really like that rack you pictured that measures for you although I don't think it would be practical for me.

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Young Wife said...

The one that measures for you looks fantastic!