Monday, March 28, 2011

You Can Get Almost Anything Online

Earlier I was filling out a survey a grad student had sent me and I realized how many of my answers had to do with the internet! My social life (mostly due to my health) is through the internet. I do 90% of my shopping on the net. I send cards (although I prefer the good old fashioned paper cards via snail mail!).

Speaking of shopping, there are millions of websites selling stuff. The ones I like are the ones that let you compare different websites. One was brought to my attention, and they have EVERYTHING. Like these sectional couches (which I happen to LOVE) or lift top coffee tables. How cool are those? You can store stuff in them and then just cover it up.

I remember an episode of Trading Spaces a long time ago where Doug did a zebra wall, but he painted it. He could have just gotten zebra wallpaper online! For those who want a bit more upscale decor, check out Candice Olson. There are some amazing pieces! A little too fancy for my quaint old farmhouse, but it sure is fun to look!


Patty Ann said...

We live 45 minutes from the nearest store and that is only a Walmart. So, I buy nearly everything online. well, probably not big furniture, but nearly everything else.

Rachel said...

I always wanted to live far from malls and other places to shop....Just me, a shot gun, a big ol'dog, a rocker on the front porch, some chickens and goats, and lots and lots of mason jars filled with homemade goodies, and open space as far as the eye can see.

Someday I'll find my dream acreage. Of course I'll need to hit the lottery first!!! And then I will do all my shopping online...