Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guest Post-What Not To Wear

What Not to Wear - My Favorite Fashion Show on TV

Written by Shannon Tillman

One of my favorite fashion shows on TV that I got after reading over this Directv HD Offers comparison is What Not to Wear. Stacy London and Clinton Kelly surprise people who have been turned in by their friends and family for having terrible style. The guest is given five thousand dollars on a credit card that they can use to purchase a whole new wardrobe while shopping in New York City. Stacy and Clinton are very funny in their interactions, and they throw all of the guest's clothing away. The first day of shopping, the shopping challenged person goes on their own with a camera crew in tow. On day two, Stacy and Clinton surprise the person and assist them in shopping and spending the rest of their money. After getting new clothes, the person, who usually is a woman, gets a new hair style and their make-up done. They do a final reveal to their family and friends after returning home.

I like this show because it's entertaining and you also learn a lot about fashion while watching it. The hosts give plenty of tips on how to dress for different body types. You also get makeup and hair tips by watching What Not to Wear on satellite TV. Stacy and Clinton play off of each other, and make me laugh out loud at least once per one hour episode. I always look forward to seeing What Not to Wear - it even inspires me to clean out my own clothes closet!


Patty Ann said...

I enjoy watching it too. I would love to be able to talk to them, but would be way too embarrassed to be on TV and look bad. I totally love their makeovers and have seen some pretty amazing ones. The biggest thing they say is you have to try on lots of things. That is the part of shopping that I never like.

Donna Perugini said...

Love watching this show! The transformations can be phenominal. I also like the fact that they use all shapes, heighths, colors and body problems of women.

If you watch long enough, your body shape will come up. Their ideas for reconstructing clothing is great, but can be pricey if you use a seamstress. Better learn how to sew!