Saturday, September 17, 2011


Yah, I know, quite the specific title there.

I was just sitting here thinking how different we all are, and how each of our lives is so valuable and precious, yet so very, very different.  What's important to me may not even show up on your radar, and vice versa.

There's just so much going on.  I think about being at the store, or the mall (which I never go to anymore) but just anywhere to watch people.  You think you know who they are, what they're doing or thinking, but do you?  Do you really?

Do you know that the woman buying a new man's dress shirt is buying it for his funeral?

Do you know that the man who bumped into you, who you glared at, is losing his vision, and didn't see you?

Do you know that the woman on the bus with the unruly children just found out she has cancer, and can't imagine what her children will grow up like without her?

Sometimes I have so much pain in my heart that I want to just scream and yell at the world for going on like nothing is happening when there is so much sadness and pain all around me.  I just want to MAKE people wake up and pay attention and see that it's not all about them...and it's not all about me.  It's about US.  It's about HIM.

We need to support each other, not rip each other apart.  Don't always assume the worst of people!  Here's a thought:  if you see someone you think is irritated or grumpy...SMILE at them.  Say hi. Maybe they have a situation you know nothing about and your attitude is not what they need.  It's your compassion they long for.

Romans 12:15
Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

It really is that simple.


The Jammie Girl said...

This post really hit home with me. In the years I've been dealing with chronic pain I've found myself being more patient with and compassionate to total strangers. I smile and give compliments to people who seem out of sorts, always wondering if they are having a day as horrific as some I've had (when I could have really used a smile or an encouraging word from someone). And, somehow, making the effort to be nice to someone when I feel like crap myself almost always makes me feel just a bit better.

Karen Mortensen said...

Wonderful post. Something we should all take note of. Thanks.

Patty Ann said...

Great Post Kerri, something we all need to remember for time to time. I think everyone has their own trials. Just because we can't see them, doesn't mean that they aren't there and that they aren't hard to bear.

Pam said...

this is so true, I bumped into a man going into church last week, he said he had a hard time seeing, I said it was a great way to meet someone...which it is if you take the time to stop and talk to others...Oh Kerri, you have great insight...we all need to feel loved and cared for by others...even if it is only a smile...I am praying that you feel better is very frustrating not feeling good, I have been home for 2 weeks and have a note from my doctor which says I have to stay home another two...I need to heal, and guess what now I have a off to the doctor to see why...I would not go maybe if I had not had it for almost a week and it hurts really bad so I think it is time...Keri, thanks for your reminders to be nice to everyone ...see others as Christ see them...Love you,Pam