Monday, September 19, 2011

Outdoor Furniture

I love, love, LOVE Adirondack chairs.  As I was browsing around (I do that a lot more when I'm not feeling well, like now) I saw a purple rocking chair.  A purple Adirondack rocking chair!  Perfect.  I really like it because it has a bit of a straighter back than the typical style.  With my breathing problems, it can be difficult to sit leaning back like that.  But check out the rocking chairs.  They are awesome.

Then I saw these really cool picnic tables.  They even have  wheelchair accessible ones.  I've never even heard of that!  How awesome is that! 

I'm thinking now I can outfit my entire backyard with a bunch of new stuff and have a gigantic picnic with all my friends!  I could set out some park benches like these, and with the chairs and handicapped accessible picnic tables, all I'd need is come cool playground equipment and we'd be set.

Well, I can dream, right?

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Patty Ann said...

I love those kind of chairs. I need to get my hubby to try and build one!!

Pam said...

Yep you can dream!!! we all need to have something to dream about!!! Love the way you think Kerri! Always keep dreaming! I would love to have a two seated wood rocking chair in our backyard by our pond to someday sit and snuggle with our grandchildren! That is my dream for our backyard...someday!