Monday, June 3, 2013

10 Random Things About My MG

1.  Because I was sick most of the time from October of last year through May of this year, I had not been to the dentist in a long time.  I like keeping regular 6 month appointments because I have had a TON of dental work done, and with MG, diabetes, and all of my other garbage, not to mention all the pills I take, I need to stay up on it. {And no numbers 2-10 are not this long!} Well.  I was on the on-call list.  They had an appointment opening for 08:50 this morning.  Silly me took it.  They had to do extensive x-rays but they didn't have time during my appt., so could I come back at 11?  Sillier me said yes.

Jacob was at Doug's work, so I had to go get him from Doug's work, take him with me to the dentist for the 11:00 x-rays, still had another appt. at 1:30 PM with my PCP who wouldn't refill my pain meds until I came in, (but then didn't know why I was there) so we had to grab lunch, go BACK to Doug's work, eat our lunch, then I left Jacob there and went to the doctor.  I was already so exhausted BEFORE the PCP that I walked right into the elevator door as it was closing on me.


2.  After being run over by the elevator door, I leaned against the panel for a good 2 minutes waiting for the elevator to go.  Finally, Doug asked if I had pushed the button.  Nope.  MG brain fog.

3.  This has nothing to do with MG, but don't EVER buy Dixie cups that say "find the two matching _________ (hippos, dogs, cats, etc) when you have OCD.  I have to use them (the little bitty ones) to clean my trach twice a day.  So it doesn't matter if I'm running late, if I'm exhausted, if I have double vision (okay I guess THAT part is MG related), I HAVE to find the matching pair before I can throw the cup away.  HAVE to.  Not an option.  I'm about ready to BURN those dang cups and buy new ones.

4.  After being at the dentist twice, first for a cleaning and then for 14 x-rays, do NOT buy salad for lunch. Just sayin'.  

5.  Even if I haven't physically worked a full day like you may have, I guarantee I'm MORE tired, in MORE pain, and feel MORE like doo-doo than you do.  (Why, yes, I am part Dr. Seuss.)  I just hide it.

6.  I've always spoken my mind, but MG has COMPLETELY removed the "switch" between my brain and my mouth.  If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.  And I'm gonna call it one.  If you don't like it, don't read my stuff or hang out with me.  Life is too short to be politically correct, to beat around the bush, or "pretend" certain situations aren't what they are.  I will NEVER be unkind, but I will also not lie to spare someone's pride.

7.  If you don't know me very well, I will not tell you all my troubles.  I will pretend I am fine.  I will tell you I'm fine.  I will hide my pain.  I will hide my tears.  So if you know me and know my story, you are my friend.

8.  I have met the most INCREDIBLE people since I have been diagnosed.  People so much like me, who, while they HATE what MG has done to them on the outside, are still the same amazing, strong, wonderful, powerful people on the INSIDE.

9.  I take more pills in one day than most healthy people take in a year.

10.  I would give almost anything to go back to one REALLY good day in my life, before MG, knowing what I know NOW, so that I could enjoy every. single. second.

June is National MG Awareness Month.  PLEASE find out more about MG.  Tell your friends.  Tell your doctors.  People are being misdiagnosed, they are going UNdiagnosed, and some, even if they ARE diagnosed, do not get proper care for lack of knowledge of this disease.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Narkeisha Knighten said...

Oh geesh I'm having a didn't do too much but Mg Wore my tail out kind of day but this blog just made me laugh