Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Myasthenia Gravis (and Disease in General) SUCKS

I can't muster any funnies today.  No witty sarcasm.  No sunshine or rainbows.  I'm just sad and pissed off.  I HATE this disease.  I hate what it's done to people I love, and I HATE what it's done to me.  I tired ALL the time, if I manage to struggle my way to an appointment in town by myself and park in handicapped, I get dirty looks. 

I'm exhausted, I'm burned out, I do WAY too much every day, I push my body and mind and emotions beyond their limits every. single. day.  And now I'm told I need to do more.

Well, I can't.  I've reached my limit in more than one way.  I'm on the precipice of sanity.  One person is NOT meant to carry this much burden.

Yes, I have God to carry my burdens.  Yes, I know the verses and I know the songs.  And I can do that, emotionally.  But physically, I'M still the one here every day dealing with 100 things when my body can only do 30.  So far, except for a couple of wonderful volunteers a couple of hours every other week, it's ALL on me.

And I honestly don't know how much more I can take.

June is MG Awareness month.  And today, I want you to be AWARE that MG SUCKS!

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Patricia Pitterle said...

I am so, so sorry. I still think you are amazing!! You do what needs doing, no matter how hard it is. It is an example that we all need a little more of. Bless you my friend.