Friday, June 7, 2013

Emotional Stress and MG

One of the worst things to effect my MG is emotional stress.  Don't get me wrong, physical stress is horrible too, but emotional stress is almost worse, in my particular case.

And who can live a stress-free life?  Hmm....


I actually had the head nurse of my former neurologist tell me I had to remove ALL the stressors from my life.  I was like....Um, then I'd end up in prison, and I'm sure that's pretty stressful too.

The MAIN thing that helps me with stress is my faith in God.  Without God, I would not have Hope.  If I did not have Hope, I would not be alive.  What would be the point?  I KNOW that this life is fleeting compared to eternity.  So when I really start freaking out, I just have to direct my mind heavenward.  

I will be free when this life is over.  I will be healthy, whole, and pain-free.  And I cannot wait.  God is my number one stress reliever.  I know I can go to him with anything, and He will always be there.

The second thing that has really, really helped me over the last several months is that I now have a life coach.  Her name is Kristen, and she is amazing.  When I'm stressed or flipping out about something, she's just a text away.

We talk about everything...and she gets it!  I mean, she can't completely understand the disease, and living with a chronic illness, but she is like my personal cheerleader.  I get an email every day, a text in the morning, and several other times during the day.  We arrange times to meet on facebook to chat if I need to talk to her about something, and I know I can always text her.

We work on things that cause me stress, like my schedule, homeschooling Jacob, marriage, family, you name it.  She is always giving me helpful hints, tips, and will even research something if she doesn't have an answer.  She is SO positive.  It's wonderful.

Right now Kristen is offering one week free for her services as a life coach.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  There have been times when I have been anxious, and she talked me down.  There have been times when I was super depressed and discouraged, and she talked me through it.  She is not only my life coach, she is now also my friend.  Here is her email: and her website is

Check her out.  You won't be disappointed!!

Many times people suggest physical exercise for stress.  Which would be wonderful, IF I could.  So many times I have to counter emotional stress with other emotional responses, like talking, listening to music, or praying.

Emotional stress is damaging.  And it effects people with MG.  So, if you know someone with MG, try to keep that in mind, and think of ways that you can help them relieve THEIR stress.

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