Sunday, June 23, 2013

MG And Hot, Humid Weather

Oh my.  It's been a whirlwind of a weekend.

Friday night, my friend Mary came in from out of town to spend the night.  Prior to her arrival about 4, I had done 2 loads of laundry, my friend Mindy came by to help out for a bit, and I had taken a shower.  Typically I would have been done by 4.

But Mary and I talked until like 10 that night, with the exception for eating my husband's amazing dinner.  It was so nice to chat with an adult female!!!

Saturday morning we got up, got ready, and talked for just a bit and then went to meet 3 other ladies for lunch.  All 5 of us went to school with each other (college), and some hadn't seen each other for 20 years.

Lunch was awesome. Mary had to go back home after lunch, so we all parted ways.  Doug and Jacob had been at an auction and gun show, and picked me up at the restaurant.  Well, everyone had to meet Jacob because I had run my mouth about him as usual. :)

When Doug went to start the truck again, nothing.  Click. Tried again. Click.  Nothing. Sometimes Doug has to tap the starter under the truck and it will start.  So he tapped.  It did not start.  I went back in the restaurant to see if anyone had jumper cables.  (Mary was going to stay but I told her to leave...we were fine.)

The manager (Aaron at Uccello's in Grandville for anyone local) came out with jumper cables in the sweltering heat and humidity and tried jumping the truck.  Nothing doing.  So Jacob and I waited inside while Doug tried more stuff.  Aaron offered Jacob and I water, or whatever we wanted to drink, but we had water.  He was SO nice.

Finally I ask Doug if Sears Auto is open (across the 2, one-way lanes of traffic separated by hilly wood-chipped covered islands).  He goes to check, comes back, not only are they open, they are also open til 7.  PLUS, four men came over to PUSH the truck all the way there.  They had to go around the parking lot, down the road a little bit, stop at a 3 way stop sign while mall traffic poured in... Then all of the sudden I see Doug jump out of the truck and start pushing as well.  Incline.

Meanwhile, Jacob and I started walking across the traffic, islands, parking lots, the time I got to the second island I honestly didn't know if I was going to make it.  This is the hottest weather we've had in a LONG time, and I was NOT doing well.  My MG does NOT respond well to hot weather.

Thankfully they were able to get the part, fix the truck, and after a brief cooling off period at my mom's (she came to pick us up and go back to her house for a bit), we got the truck, still had to hit 2 stores to get things I was planning on getting after LUNCH, and then home by about 9:20 PM.  Then we had to have supper!

Oy.  Very, very very LONG day!!

So, if you ever need to get your car fixed, and you live in the Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Grandville, Allendale, Hudsonville area, go to the Sears auto place on Wilson.  They are AWESOME!!!

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