Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What MG Does To Me

This is me when I can smile, and have control of the muscles in my face.  I can lift my cheeks to smile, you can see my eyes are open, bright, and I feel okay.

This is me after 2 days of doing way too much.  It's 10PM, my face has no muscle tone, I cannot smile, my eyes are half shut, and my right eye is trending inward.  My eyes are dull, and I look like I'm frowning.  I am NOT purposely frowning or pulling my face downward.

Myasthenia Gravis causes facial weakness. When I feel this way, my arms and legs are extremely weak.  I need supplemental oxygen so I don't lose more brain cells.  I can't breathe deeply enough to get enough oxygen to my brain.  My neck is weak and it's a real chore to hold my head up.  If I didn't consciously hold it up with the muscles in my neck, it would simply tip over.  Which has happened, especially in the van.  We go around a corner, and if I am weak, I will tip the way we are turning, and I am not strong enough to right myself.

I can't lift anything.  I can't hold anything in my hand because my grip is weak.

Most of the time my face doesn't look this bad, and people assume I am fine. 

I am not fine.

I will never be "fine" again, unless and until a CURE is found for MG.  June is National MG Awareness Month, and I will be posting as much as possible to raise awareness.  I am not afraid to be bold, to show you my MG weakness, to be vulnerable and lay my soul bare.


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